Hello World

I am Rohit Sharma and I live in Gurgaon india. I am a programmer by profession and passion. I work as a SSE in Nimbuzz. Android developer but love to try tricks in other platforms as well. Its evident for web platform as you are reading this now :)

I am still a learner though learning never ends. Java is what my prime domain is. Started using shell scripting to ease my daily life programming work. love to explore Linux kernel. Still reading DSA from Robert Lafore's Book. But only god knows when i am going to find time for it complete. Office work and family time is what which consumes most of my time. I am turning Nocturnal to learn and feed my programming greed. I work till my wife plugs out my laptop. Its a high priority and non interruptible command that i cannot deny :)

I recently switched my job. From Location Labs to Nimbuzz. LL used to be at 5 minute distance from my home but Nimbuzz at 45 min. But i am used to it now. I started enjoying listening FM (104.8 Filmy) during the drive. I live with my parents and wife and got a dog in the house. I named him Google. He is so fast in searching his chicken stick. My parents spends most of their time in housekeeping, Gardening and Religious Tv Shows. My wife love to go to malls and do shopping. My elder brother lives in Dubai with his wife. And Me, I just love them all. My Family and Programming is what my life revolves around.

What's Recent

Most recent stuff after my job switch is actually the update of www.rohitsharma.org. I recently prepared my home workstation to have git and bugzilla for all my development. Installing and using git was smooth as cream. But installing bugzilla !!!. Ahhhh. Especially on Mac. Will update about this soon...

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